UnPrivacy within UnPrivacy

Its kinda Karmic how in this age when we’ve taken our celebritie’s privacy apart with our insatiable appetite for publications like tmz and other tabloids; that we turned around and realized that the government was doing the same thing to us.
Just think, when news of the world was tapping the royals’ phones to feed the publics need for insider data by any means, other parts of the british hegemony were giving the nsa unlimitted access to all of the internet traffic coming through the uk.
No wonder nobody seems to care about this spying thing. Invasion of privacy is epidemic in all facets of modern society. At this point, I cant even complain.
Im just waiting for ‘inception’ technology to make my nocturnal escapades into just another space for the ‘world’ to invade.

😀 P.s. HBD Christopher Nolan.


😀 so I once heard a cool story where a guy asked a bunch of people on the street who it is that tells them what to think. And without fail they all answered that in fact nobody tells them what to think; that they all ‘think for themselves’. The
problem is, they all used the exact same words…


Remember back in the day when cartoon villains used to go on tv and say something like: I will only talk directly to the president. Now Presidents hear about terrorist acts on the fucking news like erebody else. These days villains go online and say stuff like: I wanna talk directly to the world!

Bring back slavery

All of the great monuments of our species were made by slaves. Obviously things like the pyramids and the great empires of old. But also more subtly the great revolutions in thought and information. Einstein may have received a nobel prize for his work on the photoelectric effect but his greatest contribution to science was never monetarily rewarded.
Most of the moocs online run as non profits. Wikipedia wouldnt exist without thousands of volunteers working in the background to keep it useful. So what is this obsession with business as the panacea for all the world’s problems?

Free as in Free Surveillance

Oh America, land of the free, home of the braves before men with muskets mowed em down…
Tell me something, if you believe in freedom so much then why are you spying on everyone including your allies? Doesnt the land of the free believe in free will?
Or is it our freedom to be supects until investigated ad nauseum the undisclosed clause in this deal? In that case shouldnt your president be under the same suspicion. I mean if everyone can be radicalized so easily then who is watching him?