First there is a hint,
Then comes a gregarious festival of colors,
The hot reds,
The alluring pinks,
And the powerful purples,
Then the orb ascends,
Its brilliance overwhelms,
The light takes over the darkness,
The truth basks in illumination,
As the earth does in sunrise,
A glorious summoning for all things alive,
An invintation to all things pridefull,
Lovely blossoms,
Busy bees,
Joyous avians,
Green trees and bustling mortals of all sorts,
Rejoice in unison at this beautiful morn.


Are fractals the epitome of unintelligence?
I mean, self repeating. Super predictable. No newness on a fundamental level. It seems nature has only one trick up its slave.
Repeat, repeat, repeat.
Nature repeats like it’s going out of style. But what exactly is nature repeating again?
Itself maybe?
Now that I think about it, where did that first pattern come from anyway?


In the savannah ecosystem there is found a fine analogy to the gop.
When a lion has dug its claws into some prey, there is a moment lasting a few seconds when the prey attempts to struggle out of it’s captors talons.
The thing is, prey is too stupid to realize that it was all over the minute the lion caught up with it!
In just the same way Republicans are too stupid to realize they’ve lost.
In fact, it has pretty much been over for republicans since ~2008.
Everything you’ve done since has been nothing but a death struggle.