A billion strong

 I have facebook friends from virtually every continent. And they all seem to find the website to be the best use of their time. Some are wallowing in spring, some are dancing in the sun, yet they all hobble onto this weird blue website to hear each other complain about everything! 

How is it that of all the content online, (I mean porn duh!) facebook is what most people find desirable? Its insane. I mean if it were youtube Id be like, hey, thats youtube! But status updates and photos?

I bet that right now someone is lying on a magnificent beach, hanging out with some awesome people and all they can think about doing is updating the blue stuff! Its a drug I tell you. I dunno if it raises dopamine in our systems or dopamine receptors… but this is some supernatural craving.

And why is it blue?


Friday after neXt

In human biology you learn that the difference between schizophrenia and religion is only a matter of semantics!
You see, they both include the hearing of voices, the only difference is that schizophrenics dont hear them ‘at the right time.’
The difference between humans and animals is that animals that are schizophrenic get eaten in the evening.
Christian pie anyone?
#hanibal lecter

Is there no magic left in the world?

Well, not exactly;

There is love,
and movies,
and beautiful women,
and gorgeous scenes,
and music,
and ideas,
and hope(that which they say springs eternally ),
there are beautiful minds,
that do nought but dream,
there are moments that inspire,
there are greatnesses that sit in ponds of mediocrity,
like so many wonderfully crafted native american totems,
there is imagination,
Also limitless,
and life,
most precious of all existences!
So there is magic in the world.

It just doesnt call itself that.