Since facebook is mostly comprised of people rambling about their problems, a great idea for a fb page would probably be some kind of therapy blog.
Now I myself am probably too cynical to attempt creating such a page but Im sure some of you more emotiomally ‘in touch’ mofos could probably git ‘er done. 😀

A billion strong

 I have facebook friends from virtually every continent. And they all seem to find the website to be the best use of their time. Some are wallowing in spring, some are dancing in the sun, yet they all hobble onto this weird blue website to hear each other complain about everything! 

How is it that of all the content online, (I mean porn duh!) facebook is what most people find desirable? Its insane. I mean if it were youtube Id be like, hey, thats youtube! But status updates and photos?

I bet that right now someone is lying on a magnificent beach, hanging out with some awesome people and all they can think about doing is updating the blue stuff! Its a drug I tell you. I dunno if it raises dopamine in our systems or dopamine receptors… but this is some supernatural craving.

And why is it blue?


Trolling….For Idiots

ImageHello world. My name is Dexter and I’m a troll. You may have had some first hand experience of my activities. I serve the same purpose online as do bacteria in an ecosystem. I take apart and make use of the refuse of online society. I test the boundaries of free speech. I keep the dictators of the real world, the corporations and the media giants from exporting their control of content into the online sphere. I was the one who let you know that those hysterical evangelicals on your t.v. were nothing more than money hungry suited piranhas.

You see I may be harmful to you as an individual, but the system as a whole needs me. Who else can muster up the courage to blatantly stand in the path of a ticking thread of consensus? Who but I, the despicable troll could annoy the voices of fascism back to the nether reaches of taboo from whence it spawns?

Trolls are the dialectic voice in all forums. We inject the counter-position. Without trolls, your forums would be like the new world avian species that evolved without significant predation and consequently went extinct. Without doubt, without skepticism, there can be no science.

In a sea of platitudinous garbage, look to the troll to be your rescue boat of interrogation. Think of how weak and flaccid all of your dialogues would e if they were mere monologues. How hopeless your errors would be were there no corrective voice. The corporations own their patents and their copyright, but they do not own us. Our opinions are how we express our independence. It is healthy for someone to not only know that they are free but to prove it also. Trolls prove it every day. We engage, combat and succeed in exposing the enemies of free speech in this online space which we love. I don’t want to see this web end up as the virtual affiliate of the concrete and steel world. That place isn’t perfect. We should strike out to build a better web. We should make a better version of the world we come from when we log on. An Earth 2.0 A place created by bits and ideas. A place where no idea is barred. The web is an opportunity for us to become more connected as a planet. It is what the UN was supposed to be only real. Right now I could log on to one of dozens of social networks and get connected to hundreds of millions of people around the world. It wouldn’t take a government nor a delegate for me to achieve dialogue with someone and to take the first step to establishing some common ground.

Take a chance on doubt people. You may regret it. But you will most certainly regret going along with the politically correct current as it drags you down to the deepest part of itself and drowns your identity.

So feel free to troll the comments section below, and don’t be afraid to click on the share button either. I promise it’s not an IED.