I think that social media is taking away our ability to react authentically to things.
It used to be that all you were competing with to understand something was the news anchor’s opinion. Now everybody; from your friends to people who you hardly know, are competing to influence your opinion on alot of different topics. Globalisation, of your mind.

Just [in] time

Do you know that in mathematics, there are infinities which are bigger than other infinities?
Anyone who is seriously interested in plombing the mysterious depths of the universe should totally try out math before they slip into religion.
With simple rules and time, one can end up with a reality more complex than its parts. You see, this system doesnt need a guiding hand. Just time.

The Once and Present Thing

Have you ever thought of english as foreign?
As a strange tongue from shores afar?
Well, it is.
But ladies and gentlemen that is the beautiful sublime resultant spore of colonisation. It is a language. Therefore we use it often. And yet the more we use it the less we notice it. It’s a kind of cuckoos egg which we tend and care for untill it is good and ready to take over other nests. Untill it is ready to enslave the rest of our culture.
All of britains former colonies are now independent.
As an exact process, colonisation has been a failure. As an idea, it is a success.


Being a rich animal,
Is like being a tame animal,
Your money as your owner,
Provides you with such pamperings,
That the very edge of reality,
Would pierce your throat,
And from reality,
None can save,
Not even greenback christ.