Future Thought

If college level science were taught in such a way that different minds and thinkers weren’t locked out of understanding many of its concepts , then maybe science could jump onto the mainstream of thought and eventually pry off the stranglehold of religion from mankinds throat.

I mean think about it. Physical collisions do not require equations of motion in order to occur. If you’ve ever crashed your bike into a lamp post as a kid, you surely understand the concept. Why else would you have braked the next time you were headed for a similar collision? Without aid of heavy abstraction, you were able to understand the concepts of momentum, friction, velocity, rate etc. Your mind understood it even if you couldn’t at the time write an equation describing what had happened.

All that remained was comprehension of a generalized scenario where any object in motion would require a force in order to stop it moving.

It is at this step that the analytic minds start to gain on the rest of us. While we are busy trying to remember what m and v stand for, they’ve already devoured a chapter’s worth of information and effortlessly drifted onto the next semester’s workload. Come testing time, us right brains flunk and end up dropping the class leaving the future of analytic thought in the hands of dry and boring souls with virtually non-extant imaginations.

What could be done to ensure that this doesn’t continue to happen?

Well how about a multipronged approach to teaching this stuff. Fundamental sciences such as physics which cover most of reality in their breadth and scope shouldn’t have to be taught in the same black and white way every time! How did these nerds ever muster up the gall to try to teach acoustics without music, or color without paintings, or even motion without machines and dancers and visuals of all sorts serving as fodder for the human imagination and as inspiration. Did no one object to this insane migration of the most fundamental knowledge into the hands a few elite?

As humans we have spent most of our evolutionary lives in the most backward of times. It is only in this new age following the Renaissance that the scientific revolution has purified the quality of human knowledge into such a respectable and polished gem. Yet many of us live as if it doesn’t matter. As if knowing that matter has a wave quality doesn’t matter. Or that the fact that matter and energy are the same(E=mc2) doesn’t matter.

This apathy would be tolerable were this knowledge of a metaphysical and irrelevant kind , but given the fact that it is real, I find it atrocious.

Yet the student is not so much to blame as is the teacher. For it is the latter who has the perspective and depth of understanding to correct such a slide in educational morals.

I would bet money that the average adult male today with a college degree knows less about his world as a percentage of the total human  knowledge than did his equal of a millenia past. This is not excusable simply because there is far more knowledge out there, for there is also a higher average human IQ. It is an alarming fact though, that given this increment of facts, the mode of delivering them into the minds of people is still the same dry style of a lecture room talk!

Why hasn’t the means of delivery changed in step with the volume of content?

Maybe it is because the content providers are the kind of left brain, robot minded individuals that are perfectly content with the current way of teaching this stuff. And so how much of a surprise is it that they just cant manage to get the goods to any but a minority chiefly represented by members of their own type.

We need a revolution in the way we teach the important stuff.

This didactic revolution has to occur now because it did not occur 100 years ago nor 50 years ago nor 20 years ago. It has to occur now in order to stem the loss of perfectly competent individuals from the ranks of those who study our universe. These individuals leave because they feel themselves alienated by the jargon, posturing and ugliness of academia.

As things stand, our knowledge is being curated and jealously concealed behind a haze of abstraction and indoctrinated apathy. Who is to gain by maintaining a populace ignorant of the facts, incapable of distinguishing science from pseudoscience. The answer is corporations. The first boom in literacy and mass education was due to the corporations need for a somewhat more competent workforce than in times before the industrial revolution. And ever since, education has been inextricably linked to getting a job. It is no longer “…the passionless pursuit of passionless knowledge,” but rather the passionate chase of money through the conveyance of learning institutions. Once the idea of education becomes enmeshed in the task of making a living, then what one learns simply becomes a function of one’s physical needs. After that, all of the higher pursuits drift into the hands of those with the same exact raw intellectual material as their professors as it is only they who can foresee any money making in it with any degree of certainty.

We have accepted this caste system of intellectual achievement. As a consequence our knowledge suffers for lack of imagination. Nothing new in the way of ideas is ever allowed to approach the fundamentals because no new kinds of minds are allowed to participate in the search for answers. The majority and more diverse stock of intellect is left to the mere task of money getting whilst a few old wizards are left in the ivory tower to figure out a new path. But the fault with that system is that the wizards can only chart a path which is suitable to their kind. How are the rest of us to follow them when we can hardly identify the dimension in which the path is located?

Is the future of physics and other “hard” sciences to be left in the hands of this narrow class of mind? By doing this, are we not handing over the future to the emotionless, the autistic and the unfeeling. In other words, are we not handing over our world to the alien!