😀 so I once heard a cool story where a guy asked a bunch of people on the street who it is that tells them what to think. And without fail they all answered that in fact nobody tells them what to think; that they all ‘think for themselves’. The
problem is, they all used the exact same words…

Point of View

As a human, my thoughts come from a fixed perspective.
I had to learn about relativity. It was far from intuitive and at first the idea seemed strange to me. But later on I realized what this truly means. I know now, that my particular perspective on reality has totally tainted any general ideas I have about it. If there is a comprehensive “first” intelligence out there, then it must laugh and laugh and laugh when it hears us humans rapping about how we “know” stuff. We are like a pixel on a tv pretending that it knows the plot of the movie that’s playing on the screen.

Will it ever be different?

The Phallic Symbolism of the lights atop the Empire State building on election night.


We saw them rise,

Side by side,

First red was winning,

Then blue got competing,

Few in the reds,

Had any faith in the blues,

But faith had nothing to do with it,

Only how high you



could put it,

When finally CNN could call it,

When Ohio finally blued on it,

Where but Ohio,

Who but Obama,

What but blue,

Won that phallic race,

And decided whom would Rule!

So now you know,

That it isn’t the black that’s long,

Nor the white that’s strong,

But a coalition of blight,

Wielding might,

That makes that blue anaconda dong!