UnPrivacy within UnPrivacy

Its kinda Karmic how in this age when we’ve taken our celebritie’s privacy apart with our insatiable appetite for publications like tmz and other tabloids; that we turned around and realized that the government was doing the same thing to us.
Just think, when news of the world was tapping the royals’ phones to feed the publics need for insider data by any means, other parts of the british hegemony were giving the nsa unlimitted access to all of the internet traffic coming through the uk.
No wonder nobody seems to care about this spying thing. Invasion of privacy is epidemic in all facets of modern society. At this point, I cant even complain.
Im just waiting for ‘inception’ technology to make my nocturnal escapades into just another space for the ‘world’ to invade.

😀 P.s. HBD Christopher Nolan.

CISPA Is The Tip, Everything Else Is The Iceberg

UH OH. America’s internet userbase has a new threat in the horizon, CISPA!
People are worried that their info and their online doings are gonna be a matter of public knowledge, like what they have now is a nice and secure network…

For fucks sake people, ITS ALL PUBLIC!

My facebook account setting is always public because I never want to suffer an illusion of privacy while going about my business online. Also because I wouldnt want Big brother to get the impression that we are exclusive.
E’rebody gets access to mine!

The thing is people, that button you push to restrict who gets access to your account is a virtual placebo. Like those crosswalk buttons in New York only even more pointless. If your government treats you like a criminal by spying on you then you had better start acting like one and cover your tracks online. Dont say anything you wouldnt be comfortable shouting from a rooftop!

So assume you’re ALWAYS broadcasting on an open channel when you’re online.
Coz trust me, the monster has got your cookies, your passwords and with social networking data, like 70% of your personality and 99% of your contacts.

Its not a matter of IF they’ve got access but of when they will feel it worth their while to dissect you!