A Word to the Unwise

Hey guys, how does zero taxes and cheap oil sound?
Good huh?
How does church=state sound?
Good huh?
Wait, Im not even done yet.
How does a country where women are so disenfranchised that they cant even drive sound?
Does this sound like the promised land to you?

A billion strong

 I have facebook friends from virtually every continent. And they all seem to find the website to be the best use of their time. Some are wallowing in spring, some are dancing in the sun, yet they all hobble onto this weird blue website to hear each other complain about everything! 

How is it that of all the content online, (I mean porn duh!) facebook is what most people find desirable? Its insane. I mean if it were youtube Id be like, hey, thats youtube! But status updates and photos?

I bet that right now someone is lying on a magnificent beach, hanging out with some awesome people and all they can think about doing is updating the blue stuff! Its a drug I tell you. I dunno if it raises dopamine in our systems or dopamine receptors… but this is some supernatural craving.

And why is it blue?


Point of View

As a human, my thoughts come from a fixed perspective.
I had to learn about relativity. It was far from intuitive and at first the idea seemed strange to me. But later on I realized what this truly means. I know now, that my particular perspective on reality has totally tainted any general ideas I have about it. If there is a comprehensive “first” intelligence out there, then it must laugh and laugh and laugh when it hears us humans rapping about how we “know” stuff. We are like a pixel on a tv pretending that it knows the plot of the movie that’s playing on the screen.

Will it ever be different?