Free as in Free Surveillance

Oh America, land of the free, home of the braves before men with muskets mowed em down…
Tell me something, if you believe in freedom so much then why are you spying on everyone including your allies? Doesnt the land of the free believe in free will?
Or is it our freedom to be supects until investigated ad nauseum the undisclosed clause in this deal? In that case shouldnt your president be under the same suspicion. I mean if everyone can be radicalized so easily then who is watching him?


I just read somewhere that prism chose to spy on a persons internet activity if it reasonably assumed (51% ) that you were a foreigner.
What Im wondering is, considering how misspelt some of these right winger rants are, one could easily assume that some of their authors dont in fact speak english as a first language…
Well there’s your 51% probability right there.
Smile crazies, you’re on candid camera.