His positronic brain,

Only wants gain,

He is from Bain,

And brings with him pain,

Here comes truth’s shame,

To take your jobs to Taipei,

This unit is surely faulty,

His programming is wonky,

Today he says abortion,

Tomorrow he’ll say life,

Yesterday he said Romneycare,

Next week Repeal Obamacare,




Whats that sound?

Oh I know what it is,

It’s the sound of the computer,

Who wore flip flops!


Image Nothing could come close. It was too bright. It’s meaning too extensive, dominating and clear. It was the bible, only younger. The Koran, only spelled different. It brought you your breath at birth and showed you your executioner at death. It did deliver. And you were healed by its sacred waters. It could not be flawed.

Your strangeness it couldn’t see. Your imperfections it plastered over perfectly. Blindness became sight. Truth, more truthful still. Intelligence donned a new garment of clear steel. On it’s day of betrothal it wed power. Now the correlation between what you knew and what you could do was 1.0. The potential for humanity became infinite.