Sunday Blues

I think racism tribalism and nationalism are biological in nature. I think that they are all attempts at speciation.
Isnt the tribal instinct in humans telling of a baser drive to speciate further?
Couldnt all of the diversity of life become less mysterious by applying the analogy of all of the different languages and cultures that exist?
What has driven us in all of these millenia to call each other nation ‘brother’ one moment only to curse our ‘brother’ the next?
Such fundamental ability to cast aside our ‘brother’ is so prevalent that I wonder if it is rooted in biology. That we must reject what is arguably the same as us in the interest of speciating further explains how life branches off from just a handfull of kingdoms into billions of species. Darwinism and the selfish gene not withstanding.
We repulse one another so eventually we wont be ‘the other’ anymore.