Is there no magic left in the world?

Well, not exactly;

There is love,
and movies,
and beautiful women,
and gorgeous scenes,
and music,
and ideas,
and hope(that which they say springs eternally ),
there are beautiful minds,
that do nought but dream,
there are moments that inspire,
there are greatnesses that sit in ponds of mediocrity,
like so many wonderfully crafted native american totems,
there is imagination,
Also limitless,
and life,
most precious of all existences!
So there is magic in the world.

It just doesnt call itself that.

She’s Nice

Theres mean people,
Theres jerks,
Then theres sappy people,
A bit too much,
Theres cool dudes,
Who dont fuss,
And ticking time bombs,
Who itching to bust,
Theres posers,
And theres poseurs,
Fighters of varying malevolence,
Theres fakers who have been too long without a reality check,
And haters who need to get checked,
But her,
I like,
Yep, she’s nice.


First there is a hint,
Then comes a gregarious festival of colors,
The hot reds,
The alluring pinks,
And the powerful purples,
Then the orb ascends,
Its brilliance overwhelms,
The light takes over the darkness,
The truth basks in illumination,
As the earth does in sunrise,
A glorious summoning for all things alive,
An invintation to all things pridefull,
Lovely blossoms,
Busy bees,
Joyous avians,
Green trees and bustling mortals of all sorts,
Rejoice in unison at this beautiful morn.