Nighty night

There is something about a good sci-fi story that makes you just wanna stare at the stary night sky. Its as if at any one of those luminous points, the events you’ve been reading about could be playing out right now.

Why u no call me?

Reasons why intelligent alien life hasnt contacted us yet:

1. Maybe we dont qualify. Maybe we dont meet their standards for ‘intelligence’ and are therefore not worth contacting.
2. Maybe they’re so far away that no form of communication known to them can reach us. Like they’re in another galaxy or something.
3. Maybe they live in some location (like near the supermasive black hole in our own milky way galaxy) where the effects of the black hole render outside communication ‘impossible’.
4. They may be xenophobes with absoloutely no interest in reaching out to alien civilizations.
5. Maybe they’re more backwards than us. Maybe in their world, superstition and fear take the lead. Maybe the church runs every facet of their existence. Maybe their version of our frontal lobe has atrophied….