UnPrivacy within UnPrivacy

Its kinda Karmic how in this age when we’ve taken our celebritie’s privacy apart with our insatiable appetite for publications like tmz and other tabloids; that we turned around and realized that the government was doing the same thing to us.
Just think, when news of the world was tapping the royals’ phones to feed the publics need for insider data by any means, other parts of the british hegemony were giving the nsa unlimitted access to all of the internet traffic coming through the uk.
No wonder nobody seems to care about this spying thing. Invasion of privacy is epidemic in all facets of modern society. At this point, I cant even complain.
Im just waiting for ‘inception’ technology to make my nocturnal escapades into just another space for the ‘world’ to invade.

😀 P.s. HBD Christopher Nolan.