Just [in] time

Do you know that in mathematics, there are infinities which are bigger than other infinities?
Anyone who is seriously interested in plombing the mysterious depths of the universe should totally try out math before they slip into religion.
With simple rules and time, one can end up with a reality more complex than its parts. You see, this system doesnt need a guiding hand. Just time.

Atheism, a tale of sight.

Atheism is not a belief, atheism is an observation. It is the observation that in all the history of the universe, there has never appeared a god shaped hole anywhere but in the superstitious imagination of man.
Atheism is what you get when you divide superstition, by fact.
It is the product of observation. Its what the universe sees when it looks in the mirror… Nothing.

Cosmologist’s Perspective

In cosmology one learns that the Universe is Isomorphic. This means that its the same in every direction. So I guess what Pangloss said was true. This is the best of all possible worlds. Or atleast as good as any other…
So splash a new coat of paint on it, hit the reset button and give this old blue dot another shot.
It might surprise you just how much of a good thing it could be, once you change your perspective that is. ]-:-]

Friday after neXt

In human biology you learn that the difference between schizophrenia and religion is only a matter of semantics!
You see, they both include the hearing of voices, the only difference is that schizophrenics dont hear them ‘at the right time.’
The difference between humans and animals is that animals that are schizophrenic get eaten in the evening.
Christian pie anyone?
#hanibal lecter