Just [in] time

Do you know that in mathematics, there are infinities which are bigger than other infinities?
Anyone who is seriously interested in plombing the mysterious depths of the universe should totally try out math before they slip into religion.
With simple rules and time, one can end up with a reality more complex than its parts. You see, this system doesnt need a guiding hand. Just time.


Time, is infinitely relative,
Space itself is infinite,
The multiverse could very well be infinite,
Infinity seems to be the common stock here…
And scarcity is therefore philosophically opposed to reality.

A billion strong

 I have facebook friends from virtually every continent. And they all seem to find the website to be the best use of their time. Some are wallowing in spring, some are dancing in the sun, yet they all hobble onto this weird blue website to hear each other complain about everything! 

How is it that of all the content online, (I mean porn duh!) facebook is what most people find desirable? Its insane. I mean if it were youtube Id be like, hey, thats youtube! But status updates and photos?

I bet that right now someone is lying on a magnificent beach, hanging out with some awesome people and all they can think about doing is updating the blue stuff! Its a drug I tell you. I dunno if it raises dopamine in our systems or dopamine receptors… but this is some supernatural craving.

And why is it blue?