Isn’t life narcissism, aren’t cells self mimicking,
that of all the patterns in existence,
they choose to repeat their own.

mars or bust

People who insist we should explore the oceans first before resuming space exploration are like those asshole kids you used to know growing up, who would try to argue that there was cooler stuff in their basement when you told them that you were going to disneyland that summer.

A highjacker’s guide to research

So Im sitting here listening to the Nature podcast and the thought comes to me; the state of mouse medicine is phenomenal!
If they ever evolve the ability to appreciate stuff like healthcare, theyll be able to get more information from our stored up knowledge about their own biology than us humans can gain about our own.
We seem to know a ridiculous amount about what makes those lil white guys tic.
I mean think about it. Mice have working organs that have been grown from stem cells.
They have successful cloning.
There are even mice out there that have skin cells for gametes! Just imagine that for a second.
You know that ‘hitchhikers guide to the galaxy’ book wasnt too far wrong when it declared that mice were smarter than humans. Theyve managed to coopt us to do their research for them.
Human medicine may be borderline successful, but mouse medicine is advancing by leaps and bounds!