Night Crawlers

ImageI’m speechless in my dream,

I’m stiff in my sleep,

Strong fear caresses my skin,

While giant legs rasp it still,

A number of bugs that I didn’t kill,

Stomp all over my limbs,

I lay motionless and frightened,

And never considered them spineless,

As they raided and stalked

and spread their germy likeness,

O night will you never cease,

That I may rise and be released,

From my mobile scurrying jailers,

And relent this insufferable fright,

For tonight,

I just might,


In a sweet respite,

From this grubby shite!

The Night


The night is a terrible vat of opaque jello,

That descends from the sky at eve,

That forms upon all grass and trees,

That covers all wild and tame alike,

The night is so strange,

Who drove away the sun,

And called forth the none,

The strange cursed black,

Coming down at dusk,

My toy is still outside,

I remember this now,

It’s too late to go get it now,

I get a strange feeling,

That I’ll never see it again,

But I know the real reason why,

The roving pack outside.