The Island!

The Island!

Why doesnt anyone ever suggest this? It seems way better than wars.

Free Speech, False Speech, whats the difference

The U.S. Government has the most innovative way of dealing with information leaks Ive seen so far.
Whereas other countries apply the clamp on their media, the U.S. choses to release the reigns and allow their media all the freedom in the world to speculate, hypothesise, gossip etc.
The result is that noone ever really knows the true theory in the sea of hypotheses. It’s just perfect. Other world governments show their hand when they lunge out to oppress whoever is getting too close to the truth. They self consciously try to hide their tell by rounding up alot of bloggers at a time, but in the end everyone knows what these governments fear and therefore what is true. China is afraid of tiananmen. Germany is afraid of its Nazi legacy. Kenya is scared of its corruption and legacy of tribalism. Mexico is scared of Cartels. But what is the American government scared of?
I know that the American PEOPLE are scared of terrorists and rogue states that sponsor them.
But I think what the U.S. Government is really afraid of is the truth.
That’s why they’ll neither confirm nor deny it.

Neoconz Dont Invade NK!

Big picture:
America at war means you guys buy more debt from China to pay for the war.
I mean, who pulls the strings in NK anyway?
Who has the most to gain while you guys are stuck in another money pit where you dont even speak the language?

You guys go spread ‘democracy’ if you want.
In reality you’ll be REDISTRIBUTING your WEALTH to your creditor(China).

Kinda like the communists you detest.