The Human Revolution Theory

“One population was capable of communicating better. Was capable of inventing better. Was capable of organising better. In the face of a population that had none of that in their 300,000 year tradition. It seems to me that the competition could not have lasted very long.”

Now tell me gents. Is the narrator of the documentary which I got the above excerpt from discussing Neanderthals in the face of extinction or modern day republicans?
It’s actually a trick question!

2014; Obama’s Congress

I heard (in a Stanford lecture online) that conservatives dont have the personality that can tolerate ambiguity.

So any kind of sophisticated policy that allows for different interests is found indigestible and is immediately voided from their minds.
Thats why they cant even tolerate having a coalition with Hispanics.
They cant IMAGINE that what is good for Republicans can also be good for Hispanics.
Either Or.
Black and White.
You are either with us or against us.
Thats what they’re all about.

Stupid fucks. Lol.