You know if they ever perfect AI and get it to pass the turing test (in which a person is unable to distinguish between another person and the AI), that would mean that humans will have been able to build a machine that will be more human than people with Aspergers, i.e. more human than actual humans…

Atheism, a tale of sight.

Atheism is not a belief, atheism is an observation. It is the observation that in all the history of the universe, there has never appeared a god shaped hole anywhere but in the superstitious imagination of man.
Atheism is what you get when you divide superstition, by fact.
It is the product of observation. Its what the universe sees when it looks in the mirror… Nothing.


Time, is infinitely relative,
Space itself is infinite,
The multiverse could very well be infinite,
Infinity seems to be the common stock here…
And scarcity is therefore philosophically opposed to reality.