Atheism, a tale of sight.

Atheism is not a belief, atheism is an observation. It is the observation that in all the history of the universe, there has never appeared a god shaped hole anywhere but in the superstitious imagination of man.
Atheism is what you get when you divide superstition, by fact.
It is the product of observation. Its what the universe sees when it looks in the mirror… Nothing.


3 thoughts on “Atheism, a tale of sight.

    • Precisely why it is immoral and fraudulent for people who know really nothing more about nature to weave these complicated mythologies and go on to persecute anyone who thinks differently.
      They dont KNOW anymore than the rest of us, so whats with Theists attitude problem?

      • Unfortunately, theists are sometimes the worst of the lot. They just want to be God themselves or, to paraphrase Dorion Sagan, they learn less and less about more and more until they know nothing about everything.

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