Why u no call me?

Reasons why intelligent alien life hasnt contacted us yet:

1. Maybe we dont qualify. Maybe we dont meet their standards for ‘intelligence’ and are therefore not worth contacting.
2. Maybe they’re so far away that no form of communication known to them can reach us. Like they’re in another galaxy or something.
3. Maybe they live in some location (like near the supermasive black hole in our own milky way galaxy) where the effects of the black hole render outside communication ‘impossible’.
4. They may be xenophobes with absoloutely no interest in reaching out to alien civilizations.
5. Maybe they’re more backwards than us. Maybe in their world, superstition and fear take the lead. Maybe the church runs every facet of their existence. Maybe their version of our frontal lobe has atrophied….

2014; Obama’s Congress

I heard (in a Stanford lecture online) that conservatives dont have the personality that can tolerate ambiguity.

So any kind of sophisticated policy that allows for different interests is found indigestible and is immediately voided from their minds.
Thats why they cant even tolerate having a coalition with Hispanics.
They cant IMAGINE that what is good for Republicans can also be good for Hispanics.
Either Or.
Black and White.
You are either with us or against us.
Thats what they’re all about.

Stupid fucks. Lol.

Lifehack number 42: nytimes paywall;

Ok, so your surfing along, minding your own business when corporate interest brings your webjoinment to a grinding halt…
What could this be you ask,
I thought the web was free you say…

It would seem that somebody over at the senile, decrepit but fairly well written http://www.nytimes.com site has it in their thoughts that you should not be able to view their content even though they’re more than happy to let you view some of their …ahem delightful commercials! Lol

well the next time THAT happens to you,
this is what you should do.
Just read the articles headline type it into a google search bar and shazam,
u can now get the info the way it was meant to be,

Neoconz Dont Invade NK!

Big picture:
America at war means you guys buy more debt from China to pay for the war.
I mean, who pulls the strings in NK anyway?
Who has the most to gain while you guys are stuck in another money pit where you dont even speak the language?

You guys go spread ‘democracy’ if you want.
In reality you’ll be REDISTRIBUTING your WEALTH to your creditor(China).

Kinda like the communists you detest.