Im so sick of hearing about bad stuff happening.
It’s all kinda sick really.
Iraq, Syria, now Conneticut. Evolution only makes us more evolved.
It is a pity that evolution doesnt make us ‘better’. We can certainly use an upgrade as a species.
In our strange world technology is constantly being improved as the human race is allowed to wallow in our decay. What we allow to happen is atrocious. It will mark us for a long time. This is where future generations will point as they seek to explain the asymmetric development of humanity compared with that of tech. We are dropping the ball big time as regards to the former. We make excuses for the human shortcomings. And then go on to herald our technological achievements. This is a grave illness we have in the name of progress. It is a lifeboat that will only hold the few, the elite and the fortunate. What happens to the rest?

Injustice is like a crack. It’s like a faultline in history. It tells you where the epicenter of the next global upheaval will be. My concern is that if we maintain the present course, in a few centuries there wont be anyone here to use all of the science and tech which we have in development.
Nuclear fallout certainly doesnt discriminate between allies and enemies. It simply falls.

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