Heathen Holidays: Atheist Friendly Charities/Non-Profits

The Atheist S.L.U.T.


In the height of the Christmas rush, with Salvation Army bell-ringers outside retail store’s entrances and a cresh on every Church lawn, I got to wondering about an atheist’s place in this cloyingly pious holiday season. The message of giving and love is still a worthwhile cause, underneath all the glitter, festoons of wrapping paper and colored lights. We shouldn’t need an obese man in a red overcoat or a magic baby Jew to remind us of that.

So where do us atheists/agnostics/secularists/humanists fit in here? It seems counter productive to donate time or money to causes which give a percentage of their earnings to religious organizations and their leaders. The trouble is, it’s hard to find charitable organizations who are not in some way affiliated with religion on some level.

In addition, far too much emphasis is placed on spending money on possessions for each other, which promotes materialism and accruing…

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2 thoughts on “Heathen Holidays: Atheist Friendly Charities/Non-Profits

  1. who is who to call oooh an atheist, you have your God i have my God, so who really is the atheist except oh oh oh for a ho ho ho, lol-okay…

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